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                                          Dr. Sarah Layton CMC, FMICAs an expert and consultant in corporate strategic planning, Dr. Sarah Layton helps companies discover new markets, increase profits and plan for the future. Having grown up in her family’s manufacturing business, she has a keen eye for business opportunities and has a long history of leading other companies to success.

                                          Story Angles and Topics

                                          Dr. Layton is available to contribute unique insights, sound bites and featured content to media professionals working on various corporate strategic planning, strategic management and competitive strategy articles and interviews.

                                          All content provided is customized for your specific industry, needs and target outcomes. Possible story angles include:

                                          • Creating Value Innovation
                                          • Getting ready to grow your business
                                          • Increasing the value of a company you want to sell
                                          • Strategies for Competitive Advantage
                                          • Planning a Successful Future for Your Business
                                          • Creating a “Blue Ocean” Business

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                                          To schedule an interview or discuss an upcoming event, please contact Dr. Sarah Layton directly at (407) 342-6507 or info(at)CorporateStrategy.com.


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